Forest Fire Update for Western North Carolina

North Carolina Division of Forest Resources (NCDFR) firefighters are beginning to get the upper hand on many of the wildfires in Western North Carolina. Despite continuing strong winds, fire suppression crews have been able to contain many of the fires. Firefighters with the NC Division of Forest Resources, the USDA-Forest Service, and local volunteer fire departments are working to keep fires within containment lines. Low temperatures and the high relative humidity experienced last night aided in this effort.

Today fires could still burn hot from early afternoon until sunset. It will be warm and dry over Western North Carolina. The winds will be 10-15 mph in the southern mountains and 15-25 mph in the northern mountains. The fire suppression aircraft that were grounded part of Monday because of high winds, should not be restricted from normal operations today.

Below is an update on the larger fires that firefighters have been suppressing in the mountain region.

Buck Mountain Fire

Deep Creek FireSwain County250 acresContained (private land)
Wesser Creek FireSwain County300 acresContained (private & National Forest)
Christian Creek FireBuncombe County175 acresContained (private land)
Camby Drive FireBuncombe County 80 acresControlled (private land)
Sign FireRutherford County 30 acresControlled (private land)
Pearson Falls FirePolk County 30 acresControlled (private land)
Wilkes County600 acres75% Contained (private land)
Table Rock FireBurke County110 acresControlled (National Forest)

New Fires as of April 12, 1999
Tannassee Gap FireJackson County 35 acresContained (private land)
Cobbler’s Creek FireYancey County 20 acresContained (private land)
Helicopter FireBurke County 50 acresContained (private land)
(Jamestown Rd)

- Contained: When a line has been constructed around the perimeter of a fire.

- Controlled: When there is no longer a reasonable chance a fire can escape the line.

Since the recent outbreak of fires began on Friday, April 10 there have been a total of 113 fires that burned 1,927 acres in Western North Carolina. Over 1,500 fire fighters including state and federal crews and local fire departments have been involved in the suppression effort. The fires threatened a total of 142 structures with an estimated value of $6.7 million. Four homes and two other structures were damaged.

The burning ban for the 32 western counties will remain in effect until further notice.

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Date Posted: 04/13

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